Must of the Bughambilia purses are made of the traditional Hüipil (custom blouses). The hüipils or blouses are wore by women of Mayan descendants. 

The manufacturing techniques is known as "hilar de cintura", it consists in weaving on a hand loom tied from the  waist connected to a post.  The weaver sits comfortable on the floor, and with her sharp skills each piece is made with much love, patience and confidence. With her bare hands the weaver produces beautiful materials of spindle weave cotton tinted with natural colours.  The Bougainville's flowers, carrots and basil are used to create the variate of colors.  Tints of different hues are used in the coloring of the textiles.

Each blouse is identified as per the numerous ethnic races of the Guatemalan-Mayan inhabitants.  All the designs represent nature, like flowers, animals such as birds, dogs and deer. Also the designs display pictures of the landscape of the mountains of the region.

The women doing these tasks are not following a monotonous pace, they perform their work in an spiritual communion.  Each movement intertwines with their hopes, dreams and sometimes with their sorrow. The Weaver's job is hardship and constantly requires the adjustment of their tools through each session.  The loom must maintain some degree of tension making the processing somewhat complexed. The processing can last from four to six months. 

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